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Proactive Property Care Program

A holistic and preventative maintenance solution

- Annual detailed property inspection by a licensed inspector

- Property Service Visits by a handyman to perform preventative maintenance tasks and knock out the items on your to-do list

- Access to Maestro's extensive network of reliable, local craftsfolks

- 24/7 After Hours and Emergency Response

- Management of your property-servicing vendors

Annual Detailed Inspection

As a member, each year a licensed inspector performs a detailed inspection of your property and its major systems. After this inspection, Maestro will be provided with a report containing information about the health of your property.

With this report, Maestro is able to put together a playbook for you. Included will be the information about the status of each facet of your building and Maestro's recommendations on how to move forward with either proactive maintenance or repairs.

This playbook is used to budget for, prioritize, and provide information to aid you in decisions about the care of your building. With detailed records about how you are caring for the property and actively maintaining it, this playbook can also be used to increase the value of your property should you ever decide to sell it.

Property Service Visits

Property Service Visits (PSV) are routine visits by a handyman to do three things:

- Run eyes over the items from your inspection report that warrant check ups

- Perform preventative maintenance tasks on items from your inspection report to make sure everything is operational and safe

- Knock out items from your to do list such as changing light bulbs, replacing ceiling tiles, etc.

The point of these routine visits is to be proactive in maintaining the higher risk areas of your building, providing status updates about the items from your inspection report, and to tackle the tasks you need done.

This means no surprises as we will update you on everything looked at and done during these visits. PSVs also reduce the risk of an expensive repair popping up as we will already have eyes on your property.

Craftsfolks Network & After Hours Support

You will have access to Maestro's extensive network of craftsfolks. All of our technicians are vetted, insured, and reliable. Because Maestro works with local vendors and helps them build their businesses, we have great people for every specialty of work you may need.

For our members, the days of calling multiple vendors for quotes, no show technicians, and finding help are long gone.

The Proactive Property Care Program also includes after hours and emergency support. If something goes wrong after business hours, you will always have a Maestro representative ready to provide triage options or send someone out immediately.

You will never be left hanging or scrambling with no resources. Your maintenance team is always ready to act!

Vendor Management

This optional add-on to the Proactive Property Care Program is aimed at saving more of your valuable time to focus on your business.

If you have property-servicing vendors such as a janitorial service or landscapers, Maestro can take on the management of those. Provide us with the contract and scope of work and we will be sure they are performing as expected if not better. We will handle quality check ups and if there is any issue, we will find another vendor to take over the scope of work.

With Maestro taking this off your plate, you can save time and receive updates so you are always in the know. Leave the coordination to Maestro!

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