What's included in a Maestro at Home Membership?


- Preventative Maintenance Inspection(s)

- Custom Home Maintenance Plan

- "Honey-do" Hours

- Emergency Response Priority

- Materials Coordination Services

- Monthly Work Order Credit

- Specialty Diagnostic Service Calls

Custom Maintenance Plan

During these routine visits, we will complete the following tasks:

- Change lightbulbs as accessible

- Change AC air filters

- Change refrigerator water filters

- Replace batteries in smoke/CO2 detectors

- Sanitize dishwaher and clean filter

- Sanitize washing machine and clean filter

- Clean lint trap and vent to dryer

- Sanitize garbage disposal

- Disinfect AC condensate drain line

What are "Honey-do" hours?

- These are dedicated hours from a handyman to complete the small tasks on your honey-do list.

What are specialty diagnostic service calls?

- These are the visits that require a specialist to diagnose or trouble shoot an issue. For example, HVAC specialists, plumbers, etc.

How much work order credit do I earn per month?

- Check out our membership tiers and for more information on what each level gets you.

What are material coordination services?

- This means Maestro will take charge of ordering any materials or supplies needed to complete a project for you.