What does preventative maintenance mean?

  • Preventative maintenance means actively maintaining your building and its major systems before something goes wrong. If your HVAC unit has a small part that is aging, Maestro can replace it and maintain it so you can make the unit last longer and avoid an expensive, surprise repair.


Why is this easier than calling someone when something breaks or goes wrong?

  • Reactive maintenance and repair is just that, reactive. Wouldn’t it be easier to get ahead of issues or find them before they become larger? Plus, with Maestro, you get a whole network of insured, reliable technicians at your service. No more worrying about no shows, unvetted vendors, or dissatisfactory work. Maestro will manage the technician from start to finish during your project.

I just moved into my building, do I really need to start maintaining it now? 

  • Just because a building is functioning perfectly now, does not mean that will forever. Our goal is to get ahead of aging systems, surprise issues, and to maintain the value of your property. Imagine you sell your building in 10 years and it is just as nice as when you moved in because you had a maintenance membership that took care of every potential issue?

Why do you start with a building inspection?

  • The Proactive Property Care Program begins with a full building inspection for two reasons: an inspector can identify and lay out the status of your entire property and its major systems and the inspection report provided after the inspection is complete serves as a playbook for maintenance and repairs. We use this to help you budget for repairs, plan repairs ahead of time, and direct us to the areas that need the most attention so we can actively maintain them. The inspection gives us the ability to negate any surprises and help you make informed decisions about your property care.

How do the Property Service Visits work?

  • Property Service Visits are dedicated time for a handyman to come out to your property and perform some preventative maintenance tasks. This includes checking items that may run a risk of needing work, maintaining items that have posed a risk of needing repair, and knocking off tasks on your personal maintenance to do list so we can take the hassle off your hands. These are performed in 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour blocks of varying frequency from weekly to semi-annually, just depending on the needs of your building. These hours can also be increased or decreased at any time. This portion of the membership is completely customizable to fit your needs.

Can I choose what the PSV (Property Service Visit) hours are used for?

  • While the PSV checklists are completely customizable, they are mostly customized based on your inspection report. But we will provide all the information you need to make the best decisions for your building. You do have full control over the Honey-Do checklist items we complete during those hours. 

What happens if I have an emergency repair?

  • Maestro members have 24/7 after hours and emergency response. If an emergency pops up after business hours, don’t fret! Call Maestro and a representative will either provide you with triage options to get you to the next business day or send someone out immediately to assist you. We’ll never leave you hanging!

How much does it cost to become a member?

  • The cost of your monthly membership is based on 3 factors: the size of the building (sqft), the amount of PSV (Property Service Visit) hours, and the frequency of those visits.

Are your vendors insured and reliable?

  • All the craftsfolks in our network are completely insured and vetted before they are allowed to be sent out on a job. Maestro also provides our vendors with at least 80% of their work, so they are very reliable and prove that on every job they complete. Shout out to our craftsfolks!

What if I already have property-servicing contracts in place?

  • Not a worry! We’re so glad they’re working out for you! We do have vendor management options available if you would like us to take over the management of those contracts. All we need is the scope of work and the contract and we can take that off your hands. We’ll be sure they are honoring their contract and if there are any issues, we’ll work with you to replace the provider or see if it is something Maestro can handle for you. We’re flexible!

Can I call Maestro to help me with my project if I don’t have a membership?

  • Maestro is strictly a membership platform at this time. While we thoroughly appreciate your interest in us, we prioritize our members so we don’t spread ourselves too thin.

Are all repairs and maintenance included in the monthly price?

  • Any service requests submitted outside of your PSVs are billed at the normal rate but the rest of the program is all included in your monthly price. 

What is your cancellation policy?

  • At this time, Maestro has a 30 day cancellation policy. If you are not satisfied with your service, you can cancel 30 days out at any time. We hope it does not come to this but if anything happens, we don’t want you to feel trapped!