Maestro Home Analysis

Each Maestro membership begins with a comprehensive inspection of your home or property. This analysis gives us the tools to bring harmony to your home within the first month of your subscription! Then, our findings go into your customized maintenance and repair calendar so we can serve you when it best suits your schedule and your specific budget.

Inspect dishwasher drain filter

Inspect faucets & fixtures for leaks

Inspect toilets & sinks for valve leaks

Inspect all drains for proper flow

Inspect AC condensor coil

Inspect AC condensate drain line

Inspect HVAC thermostat

Inspect all appliance lights

Inspect range burners & oven

Inspect interior windows

Inspect attic

Inspect dryer ducts & outtake

Test smoke & CO2 detectors

Inspect exterior of home

Inspect exterior plumbing insulation

Inspect exterior doors, knobs, mechanisms

Inspect exterior windows

Inspect landscape lighting

Inspect breaker box for proper labelling

Preventative Maintenance Chores

During your Maestro Home Analysis, we will complete the following chores for you:

Change lightbulbs as accessible

Change AC filters

Change refrigerator water filters

Replace batteries in smoke/CO2 detectors

Sanitize dishwasher and clean filter

Sanitize washing machine and clean filter

Clean lint trap and vent to dryer

Sanitize garbage disposal

Disinfect AC condensate drain line