We Offer Guaranteed Response Times and Minimal Disruption.

  • Maestro guaranteed response time on all work orders

  • Comprehensive Building Services:

    • Janitorial

    • Maintenance

    • Landscaping

    • HVAC

    • Plumbing

    • Electrical

    • Pest Control

  • Convenient e-mail ticketing for work orders

  • In-house maintenance team that knows your building

  • Weekly property inspection for preventative maintenance

  • Network of vetted and trusted specialists for any need

  • Licensed and Insured


Building maintenance and work order management are typically the biggest headaches for owners, and we understand why. As an owner-occupier, your time is your most valuable commodity. You need to be focused on your business, not dealing with your leaky toilet. We eliminate your building headaches and give you back valuable hours in your day. As your comprehensive building services partner, there is no project that Maestro can’t handle. That includes everything from standard maintenance to installing projection screens, washing windows, and repairing damaged furniture. Our goal is for you, the building owner, to never worry about anything related to your building again.


You Can Count On Us To Provide Financial Accuracy, Timeliness, and Peace Of Mind.

  • Annual budgeting and projections

  • Monthly and yearly operating statements

  • Property taxes, insurance, and debt service payments

  • Vendor payments

  • Bank reconciliation


Managing the finances of a building requires time, attention to detail, and knowledge of ever-changing accounting laws. Under Maestro’s accounting and budgeting suite of services, our building accounting professionals will compare costs and services, help you plan for capital improvements, and look for cost-saving opportunities. Our full-time bookkeeping team will handle your books and ensure compliance with all local and federal accounting standards.


we serve as your direct contact and coordinate our established network of vendors so you can make one call and know it is handled.

  • Annual Vendor Reviews

  • Vendor agreement negotiation

  • Vetting and hiring new vendors

  • Project Management

  • Quality Control

  • Price Comparison

  • Invoice Reconciliation


The average owner-occupied building utilizes seven different regular service vendors each year. That includes landscapers, HVAC service technicians, janitorial services and waste management, alarm monitoring and security, generator service, and many others. Maintaining these vendor relationships is the single largest time commitment for owner-operators. At Maestro Maintenance Management, we provide complete vendor management from vetting new vendors and ensuring quality control to getting job estimates, and auditing and paying final invoices.



  • Space Planning

  • Furniture and Decoration Design and Procurement

  • Construction and Remodeling Project Management

  • Built-to-Suit Development

  • Real Estate Strategy Consulting


In addition to offering everything you would expect from a building services partner, we also know that owner-occupiers sometimes need help with other issues related to their building. That’s why we offer additional à la carte services ranging from space planning and office furniture procurement to construction and remodeling project management.