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Why is there a markup on material?

The markup on material is for our time in researching, purchasing and any associated  administrative tasks. You are always more than welcome to provide your own materials.

what is an outside specialist?

 An outside specialist is an external company who focuses specifically on a certain trade or skill like roofing, HVAC, automation controls, landscaping, janitorial, etc. for which we are not qualified.

why is there a markup on using an outside specialist?

The markup for the use of an outside specialist is our management fee for managing that specific project from start to finish.

what does self-performed mean?

Self-performed means that one of Maestro’s in-house building engineers or staff will be completing your work order.

why does maestro choose to self-perform work?

We choose to self-perform work so we can control response time and quality of work. These professionals are part of the Maestro team and have a vested interest in our success.

how do i submit a work order?

You may submit a work order by visiting our website, registering and starting service. You may also email your work order to workorders@maestromaintenance.com.

does maestro have account managers?

Yes, Maestro has a staff of account managers who will be executing your work order from start to finish. We are available 24/7 365.