E.A. Renfroe & Company, Inc.

1600 Corporate Drive

Birmingham, AL 35242


When E.A. Renfroe & Company finished construction on their beautiful facility in 2013, they were unprepared for the number of new challenges they faced managing and maintaining their own building. From lighting and drywall problems to warranty issues with their audio/visual systems, they were plagued by constant interruptions and small emergencies. They were also dealing with landscapers who were underperforming, plumbers who were unreliable, and other vendors who stole time away from day-to-day operations. The burden of these challenges fell on executive management and other employees who found themselves prioritizing building issues over revenue-generating activities. Worst of all, it was impossible to recoup the wasted time and money associated with these distractions.


Maestro Maintenance Management met with senior executives at RENFROE to tailor a plan to their specific needs. Maestro assigned an account manager to the property who became the single point of contact for employees to report building-related issues. Maestro utilized their in-house maintenance team to complete preventative maintenance and process work orders with guaranteed response times. The account manager began to oversee third-party vendors and replace those whose quality was lacking. And whenever a complex issue or new project was proposed, he researched potential solutions, gathered bids, and presented recommendations to RENFROE’S management. Lastly, Maestro took over bill and expense payments, as well as invoicing, and developed an annual budget for the building so managers would know what to expect in the coming year.


Average number of work orders completed monthly for RENFROE: 16

Number of third-party vendors that Maestro oversees for RENFROE: 9

Number of hours RENFROE spent per month on building issues prior to hiring Maestro: 50

Number of hours RENFROE spends per month on building issues since hiring Maestro: 5


No longer burdened by the time-consuming issues occurring in their facility, RENFROE’S executives can devote their time to managing their business and keeping it profitable. RENFROE now has the freedom to request Maestro’s help with new projects. Maestro helped with the interior design of their grand lobby, even commissioning original artworks. In addition, they selected outdoor patio furniture and installed a sound-masking system throughout RENFROE’S conference rooms. However, the biggest cost savings came from a review of their HVAC programming. Maestro made adjustments that resulted in an annual savings of approximately $25,000.