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Top 5 Affordable Upgrades to Your Commercial Property

One of the primary ways to create a positive client experience is to ensure that your commercial property looks as fresh and new as possible. Affordable upgrades can make a huge difference for your growing business by elevating the visual. Here are our top five recommendations for affordable upgrades to your commercial property!

“No longer burdened by the time-consuming issues occurring in their facility, RENFROE’S executives can devote their time to managing their business and keeping it profitable…the biggest cost savings came from a review of their HVAC programming. Maestro made adjustments that resulted in an annual savings of approximately $25,000.

Testimonial on Savings from Upgrades by Maestro Maintenance Professionals



First impressions are not just great recommendations for how we present our person, they’re also as important - if not more - in how our commercial property presents from the get-go. Landscape maintenance for commercial properties is a key upgrade that can be affordable if you know the right people to call! That’s why we at Maestro Maintenance consider landscape services a top priority: quality, affordable landscape services in Alabama can set you apart even as potential clients drive by and take notice out their window. How to get your business noticed? Make sure that your cement elements like sidewalks and steps are clean and repaired, plants are trimmed and fresh, floral arrangements speak professional and positive volumes, and windows and facade are clean and repaired to give your building the affordable upgrade that tells your client they’re in good hands before they even step through your door.

Want help with your landscape maintenance or recommendations on next steps? Contact us at Maestro Maintenance for the best landscaping services and some of the most affordable landscaping options in Alabama.


Maybe you already have art brightening your space, but it’s resting on paint that’s seen better days. We love a fresh interior paint job as a fast and instantly recognizable, affordable upgrade. It’s that new haircut that makes you walk a little taller - but for your walls! Your client or customer can walk in feeling that they’ve landed on the perfect business because of your new and bright space. Build their confidence and boost productivity by brightening your interior spaces with new paint work in your commercial building. That’s why Maestro Maintenance has professionals who know how to paint large spaces quickly, with precision and care, so that you can focus on your business while our painters and repairmen in Alabama create a new look that elevates your sale, gives your employees a boost, and upgrades your building, all in a fresh coat of color.

Want a professional paint job in your commercial space for an affordable building upgrade? Contact us at Maestro Maintenance for your one-stop shop for all things interior maintenance services in Alabama.


You want your clients to trust you with their accounts, and trust can be influenced by the care of your space. At Maestro Maintenance, we know that professional cleaning services for commercial buildings can give your space a new feeling, professional look, and is one of the best ways to boost employee and client or customer moral without any permanent changes! We at Maestro Maintenance provide affordable cleaning services for commercial buildings because dust can collect faster than you can clean it. After all, you’re busy making your sale and growing your business - and that’s how it should be! With a professional cleaning service, your commercial property quality elevates and you get your time back, which is worth its weight in gold, especially for new business owners. The best way to ensure that your client feels like a VIP while in your waiting room is by hiring weekly or monthly janitorial services. The best professional cleaning service in Alabama for your commercial property is just a phone call away.

Want the best affordable professional cleaning services for your commercial property in Alabama? Contact us at Maestro Maintenance and we’ll get you a quote you love and a property you feel confident showing your clients or customers at any time!



Great HVAC maintenance: Heating and air conditioner repair can save money in the long run and ensure that clients or customers who enter your space will want to stay!

We think about physical comfort when picking out our office chairs, go-to travel shoes, or the fit of our suit jackets, but business owners should also think about physical comfort when it comes to maintaining perfect temperatures for their clients or customers, and employees in their commercial buildings. Great HVAC services, heater repair, and air conditioner maintenance that is high quality can ensure that clients or customers who enter your space will want to be there, feel happy to stay, and walk away with a positive experience that makes them want to return! Your employees will engage and function at high productivity levels and positive interactions improve with good temperatures, which means that you could elevate the output of your employees for the investment of HVAC repair. What a simple and quick opportunity to improve employee productivity! We at Maestro Maintenance specialize in HVAC maintenance services for commercial properties, heating and air conditioning repair for businesses because we know that quality work in these areas can provide affordable upgrades to your business while maintaining excellent service as you grow your company. Alabama weather may get dire and unpredictable as the seasons change - but the temperature inside your business can be perfect at every moment with the right Alabama heating specialists and air conditioner repairman and HVAC maintenance professional.

Want to find the best HVAC maintenance and air conditioner repair in Alabama? Contact us at Maestro Maintenance! We are high quality professionals with expert knowledge on when, what, and how your HVAC systems repair and HVAC systems maintenance need to happen to provide the perfect temperature for your commercial property.



It’s a common mistake to take for granted that walls don’t just hold up the ceiling, they’re potential mood boosters! A client or customer with a positive mood or experience is proven to engage more readily with a business. Don’t let your walls sit as blank spaces or with scarce attention to visual planning. We know that hanging art can be intimidating, as there are numerous rules on best level for size of painting, height of wall, but we’ve got that covered. Our services engage with hanging art with perfect placement and secure attachment for stable and visually pleasing effect. This matters because once the client or customer enters your space, your walls tell a story of the quality of product and/or work they can find within those walls, so an art upgrade is one of the best ways to communicate professionalism immediately to your client. A picture is worth a thousand words - that’s a thousand words your client or customer receives to prime them for your pitch. Let’s make it count!

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