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Keep Your Eyes Open

Lessons come from anywhere, from everywhere:

Once upon a time, I was having drinks after work with my friend, local entrepreneur, and furniture designer extraordinaire Grant Trick with Grant Trick Furnishings and his friend, master upholsterer, Cynthia Bleskachek

Cynthia specializes in instructional development and modern training strategies. And as we get to talking she tells a story of an order early on in her career, from a TV station for 15 identical wing chairs. She was so sick of wing chairs by the end of the order. The details, the pulling, the pushing, the sewing, the mistakes! She said, “but by the end of that job, I felt confident and proficient in a way that only repetition can deliver. I find that most upholsterers are overly focused on new skills and under focused on repetition. Repetition leads to muscle memory, greater efficiency, and deeper understanding. Repetition brings quality up and struggle down." 

Turns out, Cynthia is onto something. In fact, the research backs it up! As James Clear writes in his book Atomic Habits, that “Habit formation is incredibly useful because the conscious mind is the bottleneck of the brain. It can only pay attention to one problem at a time.” 

So, although Maestro is not in the upholstery business, we are in the business of repetition: faster response times, targeted scoping scripts, surgically-accurate quoting formulas, quickly acknowledging every message, and on-boarding and training fixers the Maestro way. The list goes on and on. Do you know how many kinds of lightbulbs there are in the commercial and residential spaces in Birmingham, Alabama? So. Many. Kinds. There is so much in the repair, maintenance, and remodeling sphere that we absorb, categorize, and orchestrate, leaving only what a dedicated human professional can do -- the work.

The more we do the more we can do. 

And so we embark on this new year with clarity and the intention of automating as much as possible so we can use the remaining time given to us to be the best stewards of our customers’ property, time, and maintenance budgets. We hope you’ll see that attention to detail, feel that sense of care, and keep coming back as we bring a little more order to your world, one maintenance request at a time.