Closing Remarks on 2020 - Maestro Maintence

Closing Remarks on 2020

To my friends, colleagues, customers, and team: we made it! We might be a little bruised and a lot exhausted, but we are fortunate to have made it to the dawn of the new year and for that I am incredibly grateful. With a few moments to pause during this quiet week between Christmas and the New Year I wanted to sit a spell and share some of my learnings as well as my hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

I have always known, in theory, the concepts around resilience and innovation. If 2020 has taught me anything, and boy has it sent its many lessons, I have learned, in practice, the extreme grit, blood, sweat, and tears that are required to survive while pivoting. They say head knowledge and heart knowledge are different. Well, now I understand why. And now I have both.

I'm forever grateful for our team. Like so many, it feels as though we've been drinking from a water hose for months yet everyone at Maestro has remained positive and dedicated and unwavering in our support of each other. We would not be where we are now without each other. 

I am so pleased with our pivot from doing only commercial work to doing both commercial and residential maintenance and repairs (and remodels). It might be easy to assume the transition to residential was simply taking what we’ve done historically in the commercial sector to the house. Not in the slightest! We needed a streamlined on-boarding process, we needed checks and balances behind every new process to ensure not one single customer falls through a crack, we needed magical new marketing, an engaging website, captivating social media, more vetted technicians, more community partners...and all on a pandemic budget. It was a feat that perhaps only 2020 could bring.

As we look toward 2021 my deepest hope is that our world gets some relief, that suffering subsides, and we all start to recover from the beating we just took.

As for Maestro, I hope to see our Greater Birmingham community continue to welcome us into their homes, becoming another household name. I want to see our commercial clients come back to their offices because this will mean it's safe to assemble again, to collaborate again— in person. There is so much value in this, and cherishing this value is perhaps both a learning of mine and hope for the coming year. And finally, I want to hire and add to our dream team. I want to compliment our diverse family with even more diversity and human talent that's ever been assembled.

These are big dreams for our small, but mighty team, and I can’t wait to tackle them together. Cheers to a new, happier year!