A Message from the Maestro - Maestro Maintence

A Message from the Maestro

For nearly three years now Maestro has been quietly providing unparalleled maintenance and repair services to business owners in Birmingham.

Led by my partner and Chief Operations Officer, Jason Clotfelter, Maestro’s small but nimble team orchestrates the intake, scoping, selection of technicians, scheduling, quality checking, and billing for any maintenance, repair, or remodeling request you may have. Our list of services is expansive.

Perhaps the most impressive quality in Jason and his team is their attention to detail provided within the scoping process. Our intent is to scope right, and thoroughly, the first time we receive a brief from our customers so that we can provide a fair quote and get to work quickly. Our small and medium-sized business owners here in Birmingham do not have any spare minutes to spend seeking out the just-right vendor for their general or speciality repair needs, waiting on those vendors to show up (gotta love those 8A-6P windows), missing out on the opportunity when the vendor doesn’t show up, and then starting the process all over again, just to have a different vendor scuff their walls on the way out.

That’s why I was so eager to bring Jason into the Orchestra family and establish the Maestro business with him at the helm. Even before Maestro was up and running, I had the privilege of working with Jason on building R&M for many of the Orchestra Partners properties. I simply couldn’t have anticipated how deeply Jason cares about the quality of work done by his carefully vetted and selected technicians and how he thinks three steps ahead to ensure our customers’ property is taken care of.

And so, in January of 2018, just after a surprise ice storm, Jason was up early (extremely early) procuring salt to spread out at each of our customers’ buildings so their employees didn’t slip going into work for the day. And Maestro was born.

Now nearly three years later, we find ourselves in the most challenging year for business since possibly the Great Depression, certainly since the Great Recession, which launched my career. Yet instead of bemoaning that many of our commercial customers are stuck at home, and thus significantly less in need of our services, the Maestro team began the immediate process of expanding outreach to a residential market. We felt the organic pull to meet our customers where they are, at home.

So, with a few months of isolation under our belts we got to work on a newly designed website and streamlined intake process for Maestro residential customers— you can actually text “Maestro” to 70402 to submit your honey-do list. Maestro at Home is capable of handling any household maintenance or repair need you have, just like Maestro at Work. 

And, Maestro at Home has found a special niche in our support of the Birmingham Real Estate market. Our team recently remodeled and staged an entire home prior to taking it to market. It went up for sale, received an incredible, competitive price, and sold quickly. Not a bad outcome for our small team of six.

So, while Maestro has been quietly, humbly serving our Birmingham commercial and residential customers I can no longer be quiet about my excitement, love, and support for this team of experts. I hope you will consider Maestro for all your at Work and at Home maintenance, repair, and remodeling needs. There are too few hours in the day for you to attempt to manage these tasks alongside your businesses and busy families. Let my dependable, detail-oriented teammates bring a little order to the chaos in your world.