How To Prepare For A Remodel

How To Prepare For A Remodel

Remodeling your home can feel like a very overwhelming task at the beginning. Whether you’re renovating to sell your home, adding some elements to your new home, or just updating to make it feel like your own, there are a few things you should know before tearing down walls.


  • Build a plan. Seems simple enough but there are a few key pieces of information you’ll want to include in your plan. Such as what exactly needs to be done and any color or material changes you want to make. You’ll want to make sure every step is clear and feasible. Splitting up the duties between DIY and a professional is also a good idea. I know I can screw on new drawer handles but I surely cannot install new cabinets. You’ll also want to take some time to explore your city’s zoning regulations and any need for permits. Most small jobs don’t require a permit but if the remodel is large enough, you more than likely will need one.


  • Set a budget. How much you want to spend can impact the decisions you make from materials to professional help with your project. You’ll want to look back at the steps of your plan that need to be handled by a professional. Who do you need to complete the work? How much does it cost to execute? Take a look at the step of your plan talking about materials. How much will those cost? You’ll also need to set aside a small amount for unexpected expenses and issues that may arise during completion of the remodel. Always expect the unexpected!


  • Hire professionals. As much as I love to say I can do things DIY, there is a lot that I can’t do. Hiring professionals is usually the hard part of these projects. Finding the right people to trust who will complete the work with quality standards. To make this easy, you can always lean on Maestro as we have a network of trusted service providers from roofers to plumbers to contractors who perform with the best quality and price. But if you’re outside the Birmingham area, start by looking at what you need done and make a list of each kind of worker you need (electrician, painter, carpenter, etc.) and work on finding people from there.


  • Build a timeline. Begin with a start date. When do you want to start working on the project? When would you like it completed by? Now the completion date may have to be an approximate date as there is always the possibility of unexpected delays. But having an approximate timeline can help move things along and keep the project on track. You’ll want to include time to prepare. Such as time to clean, clear out furniture, move things to storage, etc. Allowing time in your plan for the delivery of materials is also key as that can significantly throw off a timeline if there are delays.


Whether you are planning a simple bathroom update or knocking down walls to make a bigger living space, this step-by-step guide should help you put a solid plan together and execute your remodel project. If you need consulting in planning a remodel or need professional help to make your dream a reality, Maestro is always one phone call away. Calling multiple companies for estimates is a thing of the past with Maestro who can manage your entire project from start to finish for less. Happy Remodeling!