Best Practices for Window Mainenance

Best Practices for Window Mainenance

Our eyes are the windows to the soul. So what does that make the windows? Anyway, windows tend to not be on our lists of things to maintain around our home besides when we remember to clean them. So how does one even maintain windows at home? What needs to be checked or cleaned?

Let’s cover what needs to be checked and done first. Your windows should be inspected regularly by either you or a professional. A professional can cover your windows during a home inspection, but it may be expensive to hire one every time you want them checked. So here are the things you should be keeping an eye out for.

During your normal inspection of your windows, check for gaps around the perimeter of your windows. If you see any gaps, they need to be sealed soon. Unsealed gaps will increase energy waste and create a possibility of the gaps widening. The next thing to check for is cracks in your windows. There is no simple fix for this and the window glass will need to be replaced. If cracks are left unattended, there could be energy waste or the potential for the window to break completely. If you notice condensation on your windows anytime during the year and it is not usually there, there could be a few reasons for it. A seal could be failing or the insulation may not be working properly. Resealing can be a DIY fix, but the insulation needs to be checked by a professional to assess what needs to be done to solve the problem.

Keeping the windows clean in their entirety is the next step to window maintenance. There are a few components that go into window cleaning. Let’s start with the physical glass of the window. The best way to clean the glass is to use a clean microfiber towel and a white vinegar solution. You will mix two parts cool water and one part white vinegar. Ideally, your windows should be cleaned in the fall and spring. You can do this yourself or call a professional you trust. Definitely never use a power washer to clean your windows. This can severely damage or completely break your windows. Using a gentle cleanser is cheaper and safer for your windows. Next, let’s talk about cleaning the window screen. Dirt and more can build up on your window screens that can create bacteria or promote glass degradation. To clean the screens properly, start with vacuuming the screen to remove all the bigger areas of dirt or other substances. After the big stuff is removed, wipe it down with the same vinegar solution as above or use water and a few drops of dish soap. One area of your windows that doesn’t get much attention but extends the life of your windows is the window tracks. The tracks need to be cleaned as well. The process is very similar to the screens. Start by vacuuming the tracks to remove larger bits of dirt or bugs. Then move on to cleaning the tracks with the vinegar solution or soapy water, but be sure to dry them completely when done.

So what does window maintenance really do? What are the benefits of taking care of your windows? There are several. Keeping condensation and all gaps sealed saves energy from being wasted and higher energy bills. Who doesn’t like to save some money on bills? Keeping windows maintained also extends the life of your windows and will prevent you from having them replaced more often. It also helps stave off mold and mildew growth. Making sure window tracks and screens are taken care of helps enhance window functionality and extend their life. Keeping the window glass clean and free of gaps or cracks prevents glass degradation and as a result extends the life of your windows. Adding this to your to-do list every few months is imperative to a healthy and functioning home and will help save you some money along the way.

Of course, if you need a professional to assist you with any of this maintenance, Maestro Maintenance is here to help. We have a team of vetted professionals willing to assist you with any window maintenance or cleaning needs you may have.